Our Process



Kickoff Meeting with You


In this meeting we discuss overall desires and establish the contract. We meet either in our office or on the prospective site to survey the area, and establish relationships with other structures. This is a time when customers will share their drawings, sketches, pictures from magazines, and vision. The utilities affecting the site are considered and discussions of viability are established.


Budget & Financing


Because construction costs are in constant flux, it is important to determine how much to budget for the project and how much money needs to be set aside for additional purchases made throughout the construction process. Often, people do not recognize the wide assortment of product selections available and decide to upgrade when making selections in the showroom. And this unfortunately, can lead to budget overruns. Options for finance are considered and we start the contact process with lenders.


Design & Pre-Construction


In this phase, we will be making decisions on the design team. In some cases, Parsons Construction will provide drawings that are suitable for the construction process and permitting. In other cases, we will be advising our client on architects and designers that will be needed to create the drawings. At this time, a pre-Construction agreement is drafted to identify the level of service to be provided by Parsons Construction prior to the construction phase.


Scope & Bidding


The drawings are completed and approved by owners. Pricing and options for the project are established. We will discuss the components in the building that will be involved and the prices associated. When the decisions on the scope are finalized, the information is shared with the prospective bidders and firm pricing is obtained.


Construction Contract


Typically, the bidding process will take 2 weeks. Once the bids have been analyzed and pricing is finalized with our client, the construction contract documents are drawn. In most cases, the financing provider will receive a copy of the contract document and cost breakdown.


Schedule & Permits


Using a critical path approach, the schedule for the project is created. Within our company, we review and adjust the schedule on a weekly basis, and inform our customer of any problems or changes that will affect the completion. The permitting applications are submitted with the associated building jurisdictions. Once approvals are obtained, construction begins.


Project Construction


Our focus is to exceed our customer’s expectations through the use of weekly meetings on site, occasional daily meetings, e-mail, texting, etc. We make ourselves available to the customer for any reason and concern.


Have questions about the building process or how to start?